The first COAfit program is 90 days in Duration. I am a Fully Certified Gym Jones Instructor and train at Gym Jones in Salt Lake City, UT. Many have asked for me to write a program so here you go. I pulled from my experience in Special Operations but, more so my experience at Gym Jones to write this program. This first program is structured to increase Deadlift and Squat strength....funny how that works. It also incorporates plenty of breathing to keep your lungs in check and you will definitely see your run times go down.  

The structure of the program is in three blocks. And the timeline works out well to bring you in lean and mean for Thanksgiving.

You can purchase and pay monthly or pay a one time fee. 

Upon Purchase the first month will be sent to you via PDF as well as the welcome letter and Warm-up, Cool down, recover doc. The Following months will be sent out prior to the 1st of each month. If you have any questions after purchase feel free to email.

I encourage you guys to do all 90 days and see the change that discipline and some exercise can bring into your life.  

All the best,