Headspace and Timing

Headspace and Timing gauge for the M2 .50 cal/ Ma Deuce. A tool that ensures the headspace ( distance between the face of the bolt and base of the cartridge is fully seated. Timing is the adjustment of the gun so that firing takes place when recoiling parts are in the correct position.)  If either is off the gun will not fire or potentially the round could blow up causing catastrophic failure.

Headspace and Timing is a new course that COA is launching. We will have instructors from various backgrounds. 

Mindset/Mental toughness etc courses are saturating the world right now. 

Point blank if you hear about tough times in our childhood/military careers all you get is the coping mechanism that we used and that may not work for you. You 100% need to be in adversarial/harsh conditions to find your own coping mechanisms to succeed and develop resilience/grit. 

This will be a physical multi day course with small lectures from the cadre spread throughout to hear from their own personal experience. You will leave knowing what your true limitations are and what tools you used/developed on your own to get there.

Welcome to Headspace and Timing

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