Day One of this course was developed as a 7 hour block of instruction to teach students how to apply gunfighting fundamentals when it comes to carrying concealed. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced shooter this course will make you more efficient and confident with your pistol.

  • Gear selection and placement
  • Proper draw stroke from various holster positions
  • Shooting fundamentals (Grip,Sight Picture, Sight Alignment, Trigger press, stance etc.)
  • Reloads
  • Alternate shooting positions
  • Speed and accuracy drills
  • The Mindset to win

Day Two of this course is geared towards teaching the student how to be prepared for a crisis event medically, ( active shooter, vehicle crashes, accidents and other unexpected traumatic events.) Emphasis on B-con or bleeding control. This 8 hour block of instruction will teach students life-saving medical interventions and instills the confidence and skillset to respond immediately and appropriately. Upon completion of Day two students will, at a minimum, be able to:

  • Properly and effectively assess the trauma patient
  • Explain the rationale for early use of a tourniquet for life-threatening extremity bleeding
  • Demonstrate the appropriate application of a tourniquet to the arm and leg
  • Describe the progressive strategy for controlling hemorrhage
  • Utilize appropriate airway control techniques and devices
  • Explain the rationale for, and display appropriate patient positioning
  • Demonstrate the correct application of hemostatic dressing (combat gauze)
  • Demonstrate the proper way to pack a wound
  • Describe and display appropriate treatment of non-compressible wounds (junctional wounds)
  • Demonstrate the proper interventions concerning a thoracic injury
  • Safely move the patient(s) using the most practical techniques
  • Operate under duress

    What to bring...

    • Semi-auto pistol of choice
    • 3 Magazines minimum
    • 400 ROUNDS of ammo specific to the pistol you will be using for the course
    • Ear protection (electronic preferred)/Eye protection
    • Holster ( concealable) and magazine pouches that will retain equipment when moving
    • Clothing must be able to perform during strenuous physical activity. We will be training in all weather conditions so pack accordingly.
    • Weapon lube and maintenance tools
    • Lunch/Sunscreen/Water





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