SUT (Small Unit Tactics)


This is a 3-day course developed to teach students Small Unit Tactics or how to move / “patrol” as a team, through both rural and urban environments. This is a rolling class meaning there will be lunch and dinner breaks however ( all food is provided), no hotels and minimal sleep. We will be rehearsing, patrolling and reacting to contact as a team. For the final exercise students will receive a mission, come up with and execute their plan. They will infil, patrol, meet resistance through out the movement, execute operation and exfil as a team.

The curriculum that will be taught is the following but not limited to, survival, combat medicine, patrolling, planning, land navigation, react to contact, basic CQB (Close Quarters Battle), and much, much more.

Shortly after enrollment of the course you will be emailed both a required and recommended packing list.