Instructor Development and Cert


This course was developed to teach students/instructors how to teach. We are opening up our curriculum as a certification for LE/MIL/ and any prior students that we approve of. We will offer a Foundational and Advanced certification. We will take each advanced slot on a case by case basis however, most will have to attend the Foundational certification portion before moving onto Advanced.  

Foundational Pistol or Carbine

Three 8-10 hour days covering every aspect of the fundamentals of marksmanship and combat marksmanship we teach. You will learn how to use our methodology and teach our curriculum. Students will teach other students in the class etc. There will be test throughout and you must show proficiency.At the end of the course, if you have shown confidence and proficiency, you will receive a copy of all the drills we used and curriculum allowing you to safely and effectively run a foundational level course. Students will also receive a Certification from Courses Of Action for the respective course.

Advanced Pistol or Carbine

 Five 8 hour days. You will go over the topics in the Foundational certification and show proficiency. We will then cover heavy movement, cover concealment etc. You will then be tested and if you pass and show confidence and proficiency you will receive all curriculum, drills covered and be set up for success to run an Advanced Pistol or Carbine course. You will also receive an Advanced Courses of Action Certification for the respective course.