Vehicle Tactics


This course was developed to teach students how to effectively use a pistol and rifle in a vehicular environment . You will shoot from inside to out, outside to in and through vehicles individually and with teams of two.

  • Gear selection and placement
  • Shooting fundamentals (Grip,Sight Picture, Sight Alignment, Trigger press, stance etc.)
  • Vehicle ballistics demo
  • Effective communication in teams of two 

What to bring...

  • Semi-auto pistol and rifle 
  • 2 Magazines per gun
  • 600 rounds for pistol and 1000 rounds for rifle
  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)/Eye protection/ long sleeve shirt both days as an option ( does not have to be worn all day. Trust me on this
  • Holster and magazine pouches that will retain equipment when moving/ yes you may use concealed
  • Rifle sling
  • Weapon lube and maintenance tools
  • Food